UI HTML Elements

Supported HTML Tags

Any tag not listed below will be treated as a div tag.

Category Tag Attribute Layout Notes and links
dialog N/A Modal Dialog
div Block Container element
footer Block Footer containing pill buttons
form Block Form (containing elements)
b Block Bold text
p Block Paragraph (equivalent to div)
h1 Block Style differences within dialog form
h2 Block "
h3 Block "
h4 Block "
h5 Block "
h6 Block "
p Block Paragraph (equivalent to div)
span Block Text element
img Block Display image
button uxp-variant="cta" Block Pill Button (Call To Action)
button uxp-variant="primary" Block Pill Button (Primary)
button uxp-variant="secondary" Block Pull Button (Secondary)
button uxp-variant="warning" Block Pull Button (Warning)
button uxp-variant="action" Block Action Button
button uxp-selected="true" Block Selected Action Button
button uxp-quiet="true" Block Quiet variation (except call to action)
input] type="checkbox" Block Checkbox
input] type="image" Block Image Button
input] type="number" Block Text field
input] type="range" Block Slider
input] type="text" Block Text field
input] type="text" uxp-quiet="true" Block Quiet text field
select Block Dropdown
option N/A Dropdown options
textarea Block Standard text area
textarea uxp-quiet="true" Block Quiet text area
menu N/A Context menu
menuitem N/A Context menu items

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