The cloud module lets you get information about shared prototypes and design specs.


// Get prototypes data
var sharedArtifacts = cloud.getSharedArtifacts();
var prototypes = sharedArtifacts.filter(artifact => (artifact.type === cloud.ArtifactType.PROTOTYPE));
prototypes.forEach(artifact => {
    console.log("Prototype URL: ", artifact.url);


// Get design specs data
var sharedArtifacts = cloud.getSharedArtifacts();
var specs = sharedArtifacts.filter(artifact => (artifact.type === cloud.ArtifactType.SPECS));
specs.forEach(artifact => {
    console.log("Design Spec URL: ", artifact.url);

Since: XD 14


ArtifactType :
PROTOTYPE, SPECS - Type of shared artifact: interactive prototype or developer-focused specs view
TargetPlatform :
WEB, IOS, ANDROID - Target platform for published design specs
AccessLevel :
LINKABLE, PASSWORD_PROTECTED, INVITE_ONLY - Access level of the shared link: accessible to anyone with the link, anyone with the link + password, or only specific Creative Cloud user accounts


Get a list of recently shared artifacts generated from this document. Older artifacts may not be included even if the shared links are still live. Shared links that have been deleted from the server (File > Manage Published Links) may still be listed here, as this API only provides a record of recent share actions from XD - not what the links' current status on the server may be.

The list may contain a mix of PrototypeArtifact and/or SpecsArtifact, and items are listed in no particular order. If nothing has been shared from this document, an empty array is returned.

Kind: static method of cloud

Returns: !Array.<!PrototypeArtifact|SpecsArtifact>

Typedef BaseSharedArtifact

Properties common to both types.

Property Type Description
type ArtifactType Set to ArtifactType.PROTOTYPE
url string URL to view in browser
name string Name of shared artifact (often, but not always, matches the document name)
accessLevel AccessLevel Level of access protection
allowComments boolean True if stakeholders can post comments on this artifact

Typedef PrototypeArtifact

Interactive prototype view generated via "Share for Review."

Property Type Description
embedURL string URL for embedding a view of the prototype inside an iframe (compact view with minimal surrounding UI)
embedWidth number iframe width needed to display embedURL. May include room for navigation UI in addition to the prototype's content itself.
embedHeight number iframe height needed to display embedURL. May include room for navigation UI in addition to the prototype's content itself.
fullscreenInPage boolean True if prototype defaults to a view that fills the entire page, with no surrounding UI visible for navigation, commenting, etc.
hotspotHints boolean True if clicking in non-interactive parts of the prototype flashes visual hints indicating the interactive spots

Typedef SpecsArtifact

Developer-oriented specs view generated via "Share for Development."

Property Type Description
targetPlatform PlatformType Target platform. Determines which information and measurement units are shown by default.

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