The main.js file

All plugins must have a main.js file, which serves as the entry point for execution of your JavaScript code. This file is where all the fun happens!

Below, we'll cover some points to help you get oriented with main.js.

Wiring your code to the manifest

Your main.js file exports a map linking each commandId from the manifest to a handler function in your code:

function sayHello(selection, documentRoot) {
    console.log("Hello, world!");

module.exports.commands = {
    helloCommand: sayHello

In this example:

  1. helloCommand matches the value of commandId in your manifest
  2. sayHello is the name of your main handler function, so it is mapped to helloCommand in your command exports.

Contextual arguments

The handler function (in the above example, sayHello) receives two contextual arguments from XD:

The argument names selection and documentRoot are arbitrary, but are considered convention. We use those names throughout our documentation.

Accessing app APIs

See Available APIs to learn about how to access the APIs that XD provides you with. Most APIs are loaded using require(), but a few can be accessed directly as globals.

Loading libraries and other JavaScript files

You can learn about including further JavaScript files in our JavaScript concepts section on using require.

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