XD Plugin API Known Issues

General Issues

  • Developer/Side-loading Specific
    • Plugin menus and handlers may not be in-sync across documents during development
      • If someone modifies a plugin's files on disk while XD is running, and then opens more windows in XD, any windows that were open before reflect the old version of the plugin while windows that were opened later reflect the new version of the plugin. The menu bar will always reflect the old version of the plugin regardless of which window is current.

Plugin Management

  • If Plugin Manager is open when you invoke Reload Plugins, it will not reflect any changes to the manifest (plugin name, description, icon) until you close & reopen it.


  • It is possible to set nodes to 0 width or 0 height.
    • Scenenode setters block negative size values but allow 0 size, even though in many cases it is equally nonsensical. We do block 0 size in the UI.
    • In the past, XD's renderer would fail asserts (possibly even crash) with 0-size objects. I couldn't repro that any more, but unless we're covering it well as an officially supported case, it could easily regress again. There are some other minor bugs though, e.g. sharing fails if you have any 0-width/height artboards and bitmap export fails if any of the top-level items you're trying to export are 0-width/height.
  • Longer plugin command names may be truncated in the menu on Windows
    • Workaround: keep your plugin command names short!
  • Keypress / gamepad interactions are not returned to plugins yet when requesting the list of interactions on a scenenode or the entire document.

Assets Panel

  • Plugins can modify the Assets panel contents while running in the background. Do not rely on this - in a future release, it will be blocked. Only make modifications to the document (including Assets panel) while the plugin is running a user-invoked command.

User Interface

  • Checkboxes may fail to render correctly if in a scrollable container. To work around this issue, make sure the containing element has a background color. (transparent does not count; macOS only.)
  • It is not possible to trigger the emoji selector in a text field on macOS.
  • SVG images are not supported in the UI.
  • When tabbing in a scroll view, the scroll view is not automatically scrolled to ensure the target control is in view (macOS Only).
  • Inline layout is not supported. Inline elements will render as block elements instead.

HTML Elements

  • <option> tags must have a value attribute, or referencing the select's value property will return undefined.
  • <select value="…"/> does not show the value as selected. Instead, get a reference to the element and call setAttribute("value", …).
  • If you don’t specify a width for your form, block elements inside may not take up the entire width. Workaround: always set a width for your form elements.
  • forms only support method="dialog". They do not submit to a URL automatically.
  • It is not currently possible to specify the tab order.
  • The size of a <textarea> cannot be set with rows or cols. Use CSS styles height and width respectively.
  • <input type="radio"/> is not currently supported.
  • <progress> is not currently supported.
  • HTML5 input validation is not supported.
  • Images that fail to load will not render any “broken icon” image in place.
  • Input elements do not accept defaultValue.
  • <option> tags do not support disabled attributes.
  • <label for="id"/> is not supported. Wrap <label> around the control instead.
  • <input type="file" /> is not supported.
  • <input type="color" /> is not supported.


  • line-height is currently implemented incorrectly. This will be fixed in a future release. For now, avoid line-height.
  • It is not currently possible to assign multiple border colors to a container.
  • :active is not currently supported.
  • baseline alignment is not currently supported.
  • Full CSS cascade and inheritance is not currently supported.
  • Media queries are not supported.
  • em unit is not supported.
  • The font shorthand CSS rule is not supported.
  • text-transform is not supported
  • cursor is not supported
  • Styles of elements within a span are ignored.
  • In order to clip an image (say, with border-radius: 10px), you must also specify overflow: hidden.
  • z-index is not supported. To achieve z-index behavior, use the DOM order instead.
  • CSS transitions and animations are not supported.


  • When a dialog is closed, it is not removed from the DOM. This is per spec. If you want the dialog to be removed from the DOM, you must call HTMLDialogElement#remove explicitly.
  • When applying HTML using innerHTML, event handlers and scripts are not parsed. This is by design.


  • Interactive elements do not support Pointer% events
  • keypress and keyup are not currently supported on macOS.

Network I/O

  • On macOS, it is not possible to use self-signed certificates with secure Websockets.
  • Websockets do not support extensions.
  • XHR can only send binary content using an ArrayBuffer – Blob is not supported.
  • XHR does not support cookies.
  • responseURL is not supported on XHR

File I/O

  • Blob is not supported. Use ArrayBuffer instead.

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