Automatic cleanups

To make writing your plugin simpler, XD performs a number of automated cleanups after each plugin command finishes:

  • Artboard reparenting - If a node is changed to overlap an Artboard, it will automatically become a child of the artboard when the command finishes, and vice versa if a node no longer overlaps an Artboard.

  • Selection - Deleted nodes are removed from the selection when the command finishes.

  • Empty containers - If deleting node(s) has caused the parent container to become empty, it is automatically deleted as well after the command finishes.

  • Component master->instance syncing - Most changes you make inside a Component master are automatically mirrored to all other copies of that Symbol, unless overridden by local changes in a particular instance. See Component / SymbolInstance docs for more details.

  • Repeat Grid cell syncing - Most changes you make inside a Repeat Grid cell are automatically mirrored to all its other cells, except for certain properties such as text and images which XD permits to vary between grid cells.

  • Content-Aware Group & Stack layout updates – The background layer (if any) of a Content-Aware Group will update automatically after a plugin changes the size or position of its contents. Similarly, changing a node inside a Group with Stack layout will automatically slide its adjacent siblings to preserve a constant margin around the node. These changes do not occur until after the plugin command finishes.

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