Distribution options

Once you have a packaged plugin, you're ready to distribute. You can make your plugin available to users through the XD in-app plugin manager or via direct distribution.


The XD plugin manager

The XD plugin manager lets users discover and install XD plugin right from within the app. Installation is as easy as a single click.

XD Plugin Manager
Figure: XD Plugin Manager

To learn how to publish your plugin on the XD plugin manager, see our publishing tutorial.

Direct distribution

Direct distribution lets you choose how to provide users with access to your plugin. Your website? Email? Cloud file share? It's up to you!

If you distribute a .XDX file, installation is as simple as one double-click.

Note that attaching a .XDX file directly to an email might cause the email to get blocked.

  • Outlook fails silently; the message disappears into the void, without being delivered to the recipient.
  • Gmail notifies the sender that the message will be blocked.

If you also have the same listing in the Plugin Manager, make sure the name field in the manifest matches the same field in the Plugin Manager listing. If there is a discrepancy, the name in the Plugin Manager will be used.

Next steps

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