UX Guidelines

Plugin UX guidelines will include UX requirements and/or UX best practices these will ensure your plugin follows XD user experience patterns.

1. Usability & Behavior

Guide your users as they interact with your plugin, for example when they first interact with your plugin what can they expect and how can they get the most out of your plugin.

Onboarding gif
Figure: Onboarding gif

Example: First time user experience onboarding

2. Interface Guidelines

How will user navigate your plugin, what is best entry point and what surface can your plugin can use.

Navigation gif
Figure: Navigation gif

Example: Top menu navigation

3. Provide Feedback

Provide users with feedback as they interact with your plugin, this can be alert & success messaging, permission dialogs or loaders & progress bars to let them know something is running in the background.

Provide feedback gif
Figure: Provide feedback gif

Example: Success messaging and progress bar

Plugin workflow

A plugin workflow
Figure: A plugin workflow

Entry Point - where your user will first interact with your Plugin (i.e. how it’s triggered or opened)

Plugin UI - how the user will interact with the plugin once it’s open

Execute - when your plugin runs and executes actions

Output - what the user sees after an action is executed

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