UI Components & Resources

Plugin UI Components & Resources will provide guidance around the different elements you can use to build a plugin UI. It covers everthing from styles to building a layout. For guidance around the design patterns and best practices refer to the UX guidelines.

XD plugins can display UI in the form of modal dialogs, built with JavaScript and a supported subset of HTML and CSS.

The tutorials contained in this section will give you an in-depth look at UI features available to your plugin through the API.

User Interface Components

Resources - Sticker Sheet

UI Components

In this section you can see what styles you can use in the UI, how to build a modal layout and the UI elements you can use.

Styles - in this section you can learn more about rich styling options in your user interface through a combination of CSS and various classes that are defined for you.

Elements - see what elements are fundamental to your user interface.

Layout - learn about the layout modes supported by the XD user interface APIs

Modal - a modal dialog is used to display important information and ask for user input. XD Plugins can display user interface in the form of modal dialogs.


Use the sticker sheet to design your plugin in XD.

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