Plugin Design Guidelines

Designing a plugin experience

These guidelines will help you define the best user experience for your plugin. Based on your users workflow and the plugin action, different UX and UI guidelines should be considered as you create a plugin.

Plugins can interact with the user at different levels, for example, some plugins will have quick actions which in some use cases won’t render UI, and some will include multiple actions that need UI.

UX Guidelines

UI Components & Resources

UX Guidelines

Plugin UX guidelines include UX requirements and UX best practices that will ensure your plugin follows XD user experience patterns.

UX Requirements

Requirements highlights key XD patterns all plugins need to follow to get approved by Adobe.

UX Requirement
Figure: UX Requirement

Example of a UX requirement for Alert Dialogs

UX Best practices

Best practices provide recommendations on plugin usability & behavior, user feedback, privacy, and interface guidelines.

UX Best Practice
Figure: UX Best Practice

Example of a UX best practice for Alert Dialogs

UI Components & Resources

UI components & resources will have guidance on the different UI elements you can use to build your plugin.

UI Components
Figure: UI Components

Sticker Sheet

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